A new reality in obtaining clean drinking water


Technology for generating water from atmospheric air

What is AlterOcean?

AlterOcean is an innovative way to get drinking water that replaces all other alternative sources.
The AlterOcean hydropanel produces water from the air anywhere in the presence of the sun, i.e. in almost any region of the planet already inhabited by people, or planned for settlement, where the relative humidity exceeds 5%. Currently, they are capable of producing up to 5 liters of water from 1 m2 of surface. It's like bottled water at home or office, but without intermediaries in the form of delivery.
At night, moisture accumulates with the help of an adsorbent. During the day, solar energy heats the panel, as a result of which water is supplied to the consumer.
How does the water generation process work with AlterOcean?
Why us?
A new reality in obtaining clean drinking water of the highest quality
Water quality
The resulting drinking water meets all current international standards in terms of quality
Energy independence
The hydropanel does not require connection to the mains, it provides itself with the necessary energy
Environmental friendliness
Clean water is obtained through environmentally friendly processes without harming the environment
Support and service
The operation of each hydropanel is monitored remotely using a smart system, making its operation even more reliable and efficient
Car tourists, safari tours, climbers and backpackers
Growing vegetables and fruits in dry areas, cattle breeding
Small business
Bakeries, cafes, small restaurants and retail outlets
Autonomous drinkers for animals in dry and hot regions
Social facilities
Medical field posts, camps of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, humanitarian aid stations
Non-profit foundations and charitable organizations
Humanitarian assistance funds for residents of dry regions of Asia, Africa, South America
How much water can be obtained from 1 m2 of AlterOcean hydropanel
Daily performance of AlterOcean at daytime temperatures from +20 to +50°С
Frequently asked Questions
What region will it work in?
The hydropanel will effectively work in areas between the southern and northern 45 parallels of the Earth (Southern Europe and Asia, USA, Latin America, Africa, Australia)
AlterOcean hydropanel warranty and service life
Standard warranty - 2 years
Extended warranty - 10 years
Service life - 15 years, with timely service
Is additional water filtration needed?
No, not needed.
First, the built-in air filter prevents solid particles and other debris from entering the hydraulic panel.
Secondly, since only water molecules are captured by the adsorbent, the water produced is pure, similar to distilled water. Then it passes through the mineralizer and is kept clean in a built-in closed system.
What is the quality of the water received?
The resulting water is close in composition to distilled water. After passing through the mineralizer, the water becomes drinking quality.
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